Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace, a neighborhood nestled in the hills of San Francisco.

Comments and Questions on the Midtown Terrace Zoning Correction Presentation

As of September 24, the presentation on this website appears to have been visited approximately 300 times. A bit more than 60 visitors filled out the feedback questionnaire. All of those doing so indicated support for the zoning correction. A smaller number left actual feedback comments and/or asked questions. The committee is also in the process of visiting each household to get physical signatures on the petition advocating correction of the zoning of Midtown Terrace (from its current row-housing zoning to detached-housing zoning). Many additional Midtown Terrace residents have signed that petition, but we do not yet have a count. The website comments,questions, and a brief response to the questions are shown below.

naInteresting and compelling presentation. What of the HOA convenant? Aren\'t all homes in the neighborhood bound the covenant, which forbids building to the lot lines already?Covenants are a contract among homeowners. The City Planning Commission looks at the zoning status when deciding to whether to grant a building permit.
AquavistaI sent a email about how I attempted to get the planners to see their error (they said rh 1d and I pointed out on their aerial that our association was completely detached They promised to make the amendment and as we know even tho I followed up with phone calls...nothing happened. So long ago I don\'t have any of the files on this.
AquavistaWould the property behind the Eastern side of Aquavista Way between the Peaks be considered to be inside Midtown Terrace?That property is included in the streets for which the petition seeks to have the zoning corrected. It has an address of 30 Aquavista.
AquavistaI fully support the zoning reclassification for Midtown Terrace.
CityviewPlease correct the zoning mistake and preserve the character of Midtown Terrace!
CityviewI\'m on board and can gather signatures on cityview, if that helps.
DellbrookI find this very upsetting.
DellbrookThank you for doing this.
DellbrookLet us know if we can help with gathering signatures to support the zoning correction.
DellbrookI can be counted on to help with the Zoning Committee if I can. In particular, we don\'t want to see non-detached housing built, and to keep the character of the neighborhood somewhat consistent. Change happens, but it needs to be sensible and well reviewed and thought out. Thanks.
DellbrookThanks so much for all your work on this. It is much appreciated!
DellbrookSTRONGLY support this!
FarviewWhat benefits do the other side argue? Thus far, no one has indicated opposition. However, there have been permits requested and granted allowing construction to the lot lines, presumably to increase the size of houses on the lots.
GladeviewFully support!! Thank you for your efforts
KnollviewGo for it
KnollviewI live just two doors down from the new house currently under construction in Midtown Terrace that violates the setback restrictions set forth in our CC&Rs. I was very surprised to learn that the city allows this house with zero side setbacks to be built in the middle of our neighborhood, in complete disregard of Midtown Terrace\'s character and design. It\'s clear we must correct this zoning error, and I intend to assist in the effort to get the city to change our zoning to the correct standard for our neighborhood.
LongviewSupport--we would like to see the existing residential characteristics to stay as they are.
LongviewAny other number of neighborhoods that are underutilized with more potential for higher density than Midtown Terrace. Building at max capacity would add a handful of units which would add less than a rounding error worth of additional housing to SF while ruining the character of the neighborhood.
MidcrestNot only is it important to re-zone for all the reasons mentioned, but having space between the houses also aids in drainage when we have heavy rain. Because of our hilly terrain, the water can run between the houses, with plenty of ground to absorb it. If we start building to the lot lines, water absorption will be affected.
MidcrestWhen we purchased our home, we understood zoning intended for Midtown Terrace was RH-1D...single family detached houses. We strongly support correcting the zoning to reflect this category.
MidcrestLet\'s keep our homes detached.
PanoramaExcellent presentation. Very well done. Thank you for doing this great work on behalf of all of us in Midtown Terrace. Please keep me informed as to what the next steps are.
PanoramaExcellent idea. Would enough signatures trigger a hearing? Has anything like this been done previously in SF?The petition itself does not automatically trigger a hearing. However, in order to get official consideration of the proposal it is important to be able to show that it has broad support througout the neighborhood.
PanoramaWe must win this one! ! !
PanoramaVery fine presentation, thank you. I would not wish any change to our neighborhood\'s accurate zoning designation. I do not understand how any building could occur presently without awareness of sufficient space between houses, etc.
SkyviewPlease send me the petition to sign to correct the zoning. I am an original owner(1955) who loves this unique neighborhood.